2011 Wood Type Letterpress Calendar

I printed some calendars for next year and have some extras after family and friends have been accounted for, so I am selling them. It measures 18.5” x 25” and contains 13 sheets (a cover and 1 for every month) stapled to a backing board. The color for the months rotates every 4 months (blue, green, and orange). Months are torn away at the start of the next. The paper is a 100% recycled off-white stock from French Paper Co. There are two holes provided at the top for hanging. Printed in a limited edition of 25. Cost is $40 plus $10 shipping via USPS priority mail. Below is a link to a bare-bones Etsy shop I set up for online orders, but if you prefer to send a money order please use the address below (send me a message so I can hold one for you if you are mail ordering). Thanks and have a happy new year.


Bill Hanscom
12 Fayette Street
Beverly, MA

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