Small printers cabinet with type

For sale is a small-scale printers cabinet with all type included. Cabinet measures 35” tall, 23” wide and 19” deep and is of solid construction. Has some of the original labels and glass knobs. Top is suitable as platform for tabletop press. Cabinet holds 7 drawers, of which 6 are filled with type (some filled more than others). Bottom opens to 5 solid shelves.

As seen in photos, previous owner lined the trays with fabric. I assume this was to protect type from scratches. I did try to remove some of the fabric, but it wasn’t worth the effort.

This is a great piece for a printer with limited space.

I’m asking $175 for the cabinet with type.

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image: type cabinet_1.jpg

type cabinet_1.jpg

image: type cabinet_2.jpg

type cabinet_2.jpg

image: type cabinet_3.jpg

type cabinet_3.jpg

image: type cabinet_4.jpg

type cabinet_4.jpg

image: type cabinet_5.jpg

type cabinet_5.jpg

image: type cabinet_7.jpg

type cabinet_7.jpg