Good Price?

Hi, I have the chance to buy my first letterpress and seeing that I am new to this I thought I would ask and see if its a decent price. I am looking at a Kelsey U 5x8. He says its in good condition and it just needs rollers. He priced it at $250. It seems like a pretty good price, but I wanted to get some advice first. Thanks!

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From what I have seen here and on eBay that is very good! Make sure you have at least one chase and the roller cores!

That is a good price if you can get it for that, price realy jacks up in the last 10 seconds. Good luck

Oh no this isn’t online. It’s a guy who has one about 20mins from where I live.

You’ll regret it later if you don’t buy it for that price. Wave a wad of twenty’s and give him $200.00.

Hopefully he goes for that haha. He also has 2 cabinets of type as well. I wasn’t really gonna mess with that just because Id be a little strapped for cash, but if its cheap I will def have to buy it. This is kind of a dumb question but what does the U stand for? I cant find what model that would be.

No idea what “U” stands for but it is a newer style press more similar to the “P” model shown here, as opposed to the “O” model, which I’m sure doesn’t stand for “Oldstyle” but that’s what it is.

image: Excelsior-Model-O.png


image: Excelsior-Model-P.png


That’s a great price. Get it!