Setting up my Adana

Another newbie here. So thankful that there is a site like this where we can share knowledge (or in my case, I have little to share so I will be absorbing all of your knowledge).

I’m based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve just purchased and Adana 5x8 for some hobby printing. I’m ordering a boxcar base and have booked in for a 1 day course on photopolymer platemaking and beginner letterpress in a March.

In the meantime, I need to get things set up. What are the essential items I will need to buy? I will need some furniture and mini quoins for when my base arrives. There are none on ebay in Australia at the moment. Can anyone help me here?

Any other tips or essential things I will need for set up? Will I need gauge pins right away or can I make to with something homemade?

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Hi Carla257,

I’m too in Sydney with an Adana 5x8 and a newbie (got it in November 2010)! I’m planning on ordering a boxcar base too. I’m was wondering where you’re doing the 1 day course in March, as I’m very interested in knowing more.

Hi Carla,
Having used Adana printing machines for a long time, I gave up using gauge pins many years ago. Instead I use short pies of three point leads, about a quarter inch wide, with double sided tape.

To set your machine up, you MUST use large pieces of Type. About 24 point or larger. So bit the bullet and get some. Five capital ems or bold dots are ideal.