Cut/Score heights for die maker

I’m getting ready to run a cut and score job on my windmill for the first time and rather than experiment with different cutting rule and scoring rule heights, I thought I’d ask you fine folks.

I am using Savoy paper, which has the same approximate caliper as Lettra, ~.020 and I will be using scoring matrix. If I were to have the die made with .918 cutting rule, what height of scoring rule should I be using?

Thanks in advance!

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Your die maker should know this, i can look it up for you but i think you should talk to your die maker. Dick G.

You can use either .900 or .890 and probably a 40 or 50 matrix. Do you have a diecutting jacket for your press? You will need one so you don’t damage the platen on your windmill.

@Dick G - Thanks, I’ll look into that.

@Girl w/ a Kluge - Thanks for the advice. I’ve done die cutting and scoring, but not together, so yes, I have a jacket.