Die-cut business cards…

Hello all, great resource here.

My question is this…

I haven’t got a decent paper cutter, and can’t really afford a few hundred to buy one - Can I efficiently cut down my stock to business card shape/size if I get a ‘business card shape’ die made and use it in my Adana?


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You might be better off going to a print shop and have them cut paper for you. You can die cut them if your press is large enough, you could even use a straight cutting rule and run the stock thru more than once, save the money on the die, its a lot cheaper to have a printer cut it, but if you got the time you could cut it on a press. Good Luck Dick G.

I agree with Dick: try to find someone to cut your cards for you professionally…die-cutting on a manual press is going to require a lot of elbow grease!

Alternatively, perhaps you could try asking your paper supplier to pre-cut the sheets down to business card size, or simply buy blank business card sized paper at stationery stores?

I have a small device with a handle that cuts out business cards one at a time. Pretty handy and you can use different odd pieces of paper that you may have around.

Google search for: photo die pvc card cutter

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Investigating as we speak…

A quick thought on the die card cutter mentioned above, is this going to be easier / better than using my press? Do you have a direct link to the one you can vouch for by any chance?


I haven’t used my Adana for die cutting, so I can’t answer that.

I bought my card cutter new off of ebay, it is made by union bros. You just stick the paper in and press down on the handle. I don’t use it with anything extremely thick.

for rectagular business cards, have a printer cut them for you. diecut business cards can be made in any shape you can think of. I’ve cut shoeboxs, teeth, feet,cars, bones and other odd shapes. they always get a lot of attention!

The computer paper people have the answer. Good to an office supply store, there is card stock with the business card size die cut on a 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Hi, thanks for the comments. I’d need the option of choosing my stock so an office supplies’ white card isn’t an option.

A printer to cut could work, but this involves taking my quality stock on a bus/train, paying for transport, loosing hours in the process.

Perhaps I could get it cut at source, but I think I’d still rather do it myself. Can anyone recommend a decent guillotine / system for cutting down A4 or A3 to perfect business cards / A6 etc? I’ve seen some stack cutters on ebay for £150ish…

I’m still interested in the die cutter mentioned above, but can’t find a UK based option.

Yep I know dies can be any shape, and I don’t have an issue paying £30 for a die to be made if I can use it effectively in my tabletop press. Bare in mind I’m only talking of low print runs (for now).

Thanks all…

Have your stock cut from your paper supplier, you could have it cut 3 and 1/2” then die cut on your press to two inches. Most small cutters are hard to get a decent cut on, larger cutters are very heavy and cost lots, for a small operation you might want to find a local printer to cut it for you. If you want bring it to me and i’ll cut it for you. Dick G., Hanson, Massachusetts.

That’s a good idea Dick… so get my supplier to cut 3 & 1/2 inch ‘strips’ from the parent sheet, and I then just slice the strips to 2 inches myself on my Adana using rule / die?

Of course, if going this far I could just get my supplier to cut it all the way down but I think it may be a bit small for them to do it. I’m pretty sure I’ve asked before but 3 1/2” by 2” was too small for them, does that sound right?