Plate issue?

Hi all

Just looking for some thoughts - have a ook at this pic? I am not sure why the circled area is heavier with ink and I am thinking it is the plate as I have tried to adjust everything else. Perhaps it wasn’t washed away properly?


image: plate?.jpg


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A poly plate maybe, you might have something under that area, could be something in the packing, something behind the chase. Most likely something behind the plate. Dick G. You could be right, check with a magnifier glass and see if the letters are thicker in that spot, that would mean a bad plate.

looks like its a bad plate. :) oh well… lesson learned. I guess i should check them better when i receive them. Thanks Dick. you never disappoint :)

Not sure if this is the case with yours or not, but I’ve had this happen before with pp plates when the adhesive on the back has a bubble in it. If that’s the case, just use an exacto and slice through the adhesive so that it lays flat.

Sometimes an imperfect vacuum in the platemaker means the neg is not quite in contact with the plate and produces a local enlargement in the plate.