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I’m new to your site. What a great resource. I just purchased a tabletop letterpress, I have run a regular size letterpress in the past. My new find…is a C&M no. 1. (it’s the same as the photo on the yellow pages page-without the tray on the front) It needs a few parts. I have sent an email to Tarheel Roller to see about those, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to get a chase. Any ideas?
Thank you

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JayBee: Welcome to the Briar Press community and glad you find the site useful. You have a nice press. Sorry it is missing parts. The pieces that are easily removable are frequently missing from these presses and some parts can be hard to replace. The “tray” or delivery board can be easily made for a reasonable price, and you have contacted a reputable company for the rollers. If you don’t have the roller cores, Tarheel will probably have the dimensions and will be able to help you.

However, it may take a bit of ingenuity to find a chase to fit your press as replacement parts are not easy to find for a press of that age. It might be possible to adapt a chase to fit your press, but chases of this size are hard to find. Ultimately, if you wish to use the press, you may have to have one made and this can be quite costly.

Certainly feel free to post a wanted ad in the Letterpress Classifieds and see if you can locate anything that you might even be able to adapt for your press.

Thanks for the compliment on my press. I only recently found out that the tabletop press even existed. I have wanted a press for a while but didn’t have sapce for a large one. Then on my birthday my Mom took me antique shopping, and there it was-love at first sight. I knew it was mine the moment I saw it sitting there in the aisle. It was a steal actually. It was $75 but on that day it was on sale for 50% off. What a great b-day present.

I’m glad to hear the roller company I contacted is reputable. I’m waiting for a reply from them.

I had posted another question about making a chase and Kevin helped me out. I think I’m going to try that. And I can always post a wanted ad if I need to.

Thanks for responding.
Julie (JayBee)