Magnesium or Polymer


I’m asking this as a UK Letterpress person who is looking to keep the cost of plates down. Having been really satisifed with the service of our current supplier of 5 gauge mag plates, it pains me to be looking around - unfortunately their pricing is skyrocketting!

With our Adana 8X5’s we’ve found it’s only the 5 gauge mag that gives a half decent deboss, 16 and 8 gauge has mostly been dissapointing, sometimes messy.

Does anyone have any experience of using polymer with adana 8X5s? Good results? Cost effective? Have a good supplier?


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To keep the cost of mag dies down, i get them unmounted, then i mount them myself. I only use 1/4” mag dies, they are a little more expensive than the thinner ones but i have better luck with them. To mount them i use my furniture and 2 pieces of chipboard behind the furniture. Good Luck Dick G.

What are you using to mount them on your furniture?

I use a double sided tape, then i put masking tape around the edge of the die to make sure it doesn’t move. Dick G.