V50 Turning hard

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That might explain why the small fibre gears (or whatever it is), is such a common item in parts boxes with these presses….

Another (not great idea) trick is when you jam the press is to hook an 18” (or more) pipewrench on the rim of the flywheel and well, you get the idea. I’ve done it when I worked at a shop with a Vertical with no ill effects, but it doesn’t qualify as a bright idea.

Curious which two screws on the cylinder were meant to be loosened…..that sounds like a much better idea.

There are two bolts which hold the cylinder bracket onto the slides. If you reference your V50 parts book you will find two bolts number 56 on page 12, “Transfer Table, Side Guide and Cylinder”. You can back these off a little to allow the cylinder to turn over enough to clear the stuck sheets.

This problem ended up being resolved by installing a new belt.