Best laminating machine?

I anticipate a printing job coming up where I will produce cardstock work on letterpress and laminate the stock afterward.

What best laminating machine brands and model numbers do you recommend from your experiences? Total use will probably be 1,000-3,000 pieces.

Thanks for an informative web site.

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First the size of the finish job is a major factor. You might call a bindery that does Laminating & Bindery work.

Low price Laminating machines might not do the job well for 3,000 pieces.

Sounds like you are doing a job that the customer wants first class work. Check with a bindery, the laminating and cutting to size might be more work that you can handle.

I would call a trade laminater and get a price. Single sided lamination is tricky. It sometimes requires special film and depending on the job a special machine. Dedicated machines and film helps with page curl. We got a single sided machine but it was 2500.00 used. We sub ours out still. Please check with the bindery. Ours has a minmum size and require half inch of margin all the way around. Good luck!