Soldan Lightning Proof Press


My first post here. Some of you may also have seen my posts on the Vanderblog site about my attempts to get this press back in operation.

So far it’s going rather well. Eric & Paul have been really helpful with this.

Rather than start another thread about the ins and outs of that process I wondered if it would be possible to ask if there’s anyone on Briar Press from the UK (or otherwise) who may have had any kind of experience with this press?

We know that it came from a derelict printers in Suffolk to the previous owner who then passed it onto Jeremy Winkworth for the Cockermouth Printing Museum. As the press was too large for this it eventually came my way. St Brides are collating what information they have on the press and Eric Holub is doing something similar.

At this stage we think it could be the last of it’s kind, although this could of course be untrue, we’ve only looked on the internet (where else do you start these days?). This press has obviously been around a long time, and we’d hope that any history or information about it can be kept with it rather than lost.


image: soldan.jpg


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Update - press now operational, new bearings fitted for driving wheel, impression handle bolt re-machined & pressures adjusted.

Now looking into having rollers re-covered. Hand inking is hard work!!