Heidelberg Windmill 10x15: how do i find the right rollers height?

after removing all the inking unit from my Windmill I must re-calibrate the rollers height.

I’ve seen there are 4 knobs with bolts, 2 per sides, with a “+” and a “-” but I cannot understand what’s the right rollers height.

Thank you all!

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Download the manual from boxcarpress and read the instructions on page 85.

Hey Fabio, still at it?
Replace the roller setting levers making sure that the levers are going back into the same locations as they came out of. Don’t swap left side and right side.
Set the indicators at the center mark on all four.
Install the rollers, ink them up, and use a roller gauge 23.32mm or .918” and adjust the levers until you get about 1/8” stripe on the gauge at the top, middle and bottom of the roller travel. That is a good starting point.

thanks for the replies.

Yes, still at it, I’m ordering the new engine too, they’ll build a custom engine for me, with a long tree.

My typeheight (German) is 0.928”!