Heidelberg Windmill - Roller arm not aligned

Hi everybody ,

I’m an happy recent owner of an Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 in south of France. After some weeks of discovering/cleaning/setting the press, it’s finally ok, first jobs done.

But I have a problem I don’t know how to fix, the right roller arm (pump side), well, not exactly the arm, the roller carriage spindle on which is attached the journal box for inking rollers (T 0704) is not perfectly verticaly aligned (parralel to roller track).

When I move the flywheel by hand, it can happend that when the rollers arms are horizontal, the axis don’t move back totally in the arm, roller trucks not touching the roller track. This is more true since I installed new rollers, the upper roller pushing on the journal box to its normal orientation.

Here’s a photo to illustrate my problem.

Does someone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot


image: P1020417.jpg


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Le bras du rouleau besoins ti être en mesure de se déplacer librement dans son logement, si le printemps est sale ou brisé, l’alignement est mauvais.

Thanks typenut,

no need to auto translate in French, the translation is very approximative ;)

When I push the axis by the back, it slides well in the arm, when I try to turn it clockwise to its perfect position, I see the axis inserted into a guide in the middle of the arm, and I think this guide touches the interior of the arm. This guide block (T 0706) is fixed to the axis (T 0708) by a taper pin, so I don’t think it can move from its initial position, and I don’t think the arm was in this bad position when the press came out of Heidelberg factory.

That’s why I don’t understand, or maybe the axis is twisted? Is it possible?


Seems to me something is bent. How rough were you when you installed the new rollers?

JC, you shouldn’t be able to twist the roller holders, only to pull them forward. If you can twist them, something is wrong.

is the bearing seated properly in the arm