Please save this C&P 10x15 letterpress

I came across this craigslist ad for a working Chandler & Price 10 x 15. The price is more than fair but the guy needs to get rid of it by March 1st or its getting scrapped! So please, if someone is in the area, try to save it!

“Print shop equipment for sale.

Chandler & Price letterpress - $500 OBO
Michael Miracle 28” cutter - $500 OBO
Mutlitgraphics 1615 two color press - $200 OBO
Bostich saddle stitcher - $200 OBO
Small folder- $75 OBO
Shrink wrap machine- $60 OBO

USI laminator - $300 SOLD!

Desks, Four drawer metal file cabinets, paper, everything must go. Please contact for more information.

411 Hot Springs Road., #4
Carson City, NV 89706
775-883-8100 “

Here is a link to the craigslist:

From when I spoke with him— the price is in working condition, but used for die cutting. The only piece missing is the part that pushes the paper up after pressing. Three rollers are included along with tray(s) of type.

Once again it will be SCRAPPED Tuesday, 3/1.

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image: ShopStuff 021.jpg

ShopStuff 021.jpg

image: ShopStuff 022.jpg

ShopStuff 022.jpg