Heidelberg Windmill impression

Windmill impression stuck on,very hard to push off impression.
Checked shear bolt it is good. Any ideas on what it could be?

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Too much packing/impression?

Are you talking about the impression handle with either a red or black ball at the end? If so, 1. There is trash in the way. Open door in back and clean out anything that didn’t come with the press originally (Paper, type, furniture, mice.) 2. The eccentric shaft that this lever controls is dry, no lube. Again, inside the door, oil everything. Especially the connection between the impression handle and the eccentric shaft. 3. The eccentric shaft is bent or damaged. Call for help. This is not a DIY fix.

It is a black ball press and have cleaned everything out I’ll check to see if shaft is bent.

What are you trying to print, could you have put a gripper thru your form, could be lots of things causing this. Good Luck Dick G.

Just use it for numbering and die cutting.

Is the press still locked up on impression? With the press off, can you release the impression lever and turn the press over by hand, freeing it? Sometimes I have locked up a Heidelberg because I am asking for more impression from it than it can deliver—too heavy a form on too heavy a stock, overpacked, and with impression turned up too high. Sometimes it will run anyway if you get it up to speed before feeding a sheet. Sometimes the press will pick up several sheets at once, which can cause it to lock up on impression. Sometimes the press can be kind of urged around by hand, even if the wheel doesn’t turn, by sort of pushing it in the direction of the arrow intermittently.

Good luck, Brian

In the manual it tells you how to reverse the press, this is a last resort. Dick G.

Can release impression when machine is off but as soon as you turn press on impression handle pops out by itself and goes on impression.

Not sure if you have fixed it yet but if you grab doubles or triples the press can lock up. If this happens you need to back down the impression setting which should release the locked up press. This is by no means easy espeicially if you have it locked up good, you will have to muscle the impression handle to untighten the pressure setting.
Good luck

When running a new stock I back the impression way out and slowly work it back in. It may seem like over kill but it has probably saved a lot of headaches. But that’s only on stock I haven’t run before. Ronnie is right about those doubles and triples locking it up. Used to run envelopes and the glue would cause some of them to stick together. Fanning thru them helped but even then sometimes it would still happen. Then I had to replace the type that was smashed. Ron

Press is not locked up, can run press with no problem, its just the impression handle that pops out when starting press The impression will shut off but as soon as you let go of handle pops out by itself. Cleaned out everything I could under neath and checked shear bolt, everything is good.
No bends in shaft either.

You must have a very dry bearing in the eccentric.
Look on page 36 of the parts manual. you will see part T 0310. This is the eccentric that the handle moves. It has been removed from the joint at the right of the picture. On top of this joint are two oil cups T 0316. Lift the caps and get some PB Blaster spray or some WD 40 liquid and fill the oil tubes. Work the handle in and out and see if it doesn’t free up. May take a while. After it frees up, use 30wt non detergent motor in the cups and everywhere else.

Sprayed it up with WD40. Lets see what happens. Thanks for the tip. Will let you know how it worked.

Did that work for you? My press had a very stiff impression handle, wd40 worked eventually, I had to use a lot of it.