Letterpress lessons Queensland Australia

Hi Everyone!

Is there anyone out there in Queensland Australia willing to teach basic letterpress lessons or know of lessons in Queensland. I have a C&P old style 8x12 platen press.

Thanks Bianca
Gladstone Queensland

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Hi Bianca,

Design college australia in Brisbane offers letterpress I believe - that’s an option in the city, not sure about something closer to you unfortunately….

Give Clint a call and see if he can help out:

Phone: 07 3257 3499

200 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Australia 4006

Hi Funnelbc,

Thanks for the reply!

I have heard of the design college in Brisbane offering letterpress courses over a 6 or 8 week period which i would absolutely love to do but unfortunately I work full time in Gladstone 6hours north. I do get to Brisbane quite a bit on the weekends- wonder if they offer day courses or even if there is someone doing it from home willing to teach lessons???

Thanks again,

Bianca Zussino