Little hand press

I bagged this little press on ebay today for $20 :). I have no idea what it’s provenance is at all, I’m guessing it’s a little hand proofing press, but to be honest I have no idea what exactly it is.

Any hints guys and girls?

image: handpress.jpg


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Have one like it, there should be a block of wood that clips onto the middle of it, to the block of wood you mount rubber stamps, on one end should be a stamp pad built into it, move the handle one way and the rubber stamp hits the ink pad, the other way it stamps on a piece of paper. I will see if i can post a picture of mine (don’t get your hopes up, i can’t figure out the camera never mind putting a picture on the computer). Dick G.

Thanks Dick thats a lot more than I knew about it 10 minutes ago and no worries if the camera doesn’t work out!

(It was a bit of a curiosity/impulse buy rather than a practical one!)