Windmill Feed Table

This has been a gradual problem. The feed table doesn’t come up fast enough. From 20# bond to cardboard. I’ve checked the tilt, air, and all lift adjustments. I’ve oiled and cleaned all moving parts. The feed control bar (that goes across the paper) works and looks fine. There is one difference from this press and my other one and that is the cam with the teeth on the underside, (the control bar lowers on to it) it looks flatter on top, likes it’s worn.Could this be the cause? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sometimes the large gear that brings the feed table up has a piece that goes into the gear to raise the pile, this gets worn and won’t raise the pile , i put a rubber band from this down to something below it, to hold it tighter to the gear, then if it works you know the problem. i’ve run for years with rubber bands on this. Good Luck Dick G.

There’s a rod that connects that pawl that moves the big gear at the bottom to the top where the tlt mechanism is. The rod is adjustable at the bottom. I’ve made adjustments with that rod and it affects how far the gear moves. Hope this makes sense. Ron

Thanks Dick and Ron. The rod and the teeth all look in good shape but I put a rubber band on anyway and it worked. I will move on to making that adjustment,

Just like Ron said play around with adjustment of that bar and see if that helps, back up plan is always rubber bands.
Good Luck