Saving a C&P Cylinder / need materials

Cheers Everybody,

I’m writing in in hopes to solicit any possible materials related to C&P Cylinder presses……

Looking for photos, scans of manuals, films, etc.

The materials will be used for a video for a kickstarter fund raising project that will hopefully be saving a C&P Cylinder from the scrap yard

please forward this message to anyone that can help….

please email any materials to [email protected]

Thank you

image: IMG_5945.jpg


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Hi, keeganmeegan—

What sheet size does the press take? Is it in working order? Stop-cylinder or two-revolution? I tried answering these questions with a quick web search, but didn’t find much. How many chases?

Thanks, Brian

12.25 x 18.5 sheet size
In complete working order, needs tuning…..

stop- cylinder…..there is little to no information, I was lucky enough to find a original advert, but that’s all i got

This is the press in the Dalles……If we can get it out its going to scrap unfortunately….

any help appreciated.