William Amer’s Letterpress 101.2 Workshop

I’m new around these parts, but over the weekend me and my partner went down to Rockley, NSW to attend William Amer’s 2-day workshop in letterpress.

The weekend was fantastic, everything was perfect. Will’s instruction and direction was exactly what we were looking for and it provided us with the knowledge and experience to run our own press.

Will’s wife, Trish, provided us with memorable morning tea and lunches. Both of them were super friendly and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a workshop in Letterpressing.

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Thankyou Raymond, It was a delight working with you and your partner. We were able to see/demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of small and larger presses, ie the Adanas and the larger 1916 10x15 CP. You both picked up the feel for handfeeding and became good at it, even treadling at the same time! You now have “the secret”. I was pleased with the respect you showed all the machines, including the CP guillotine and the Ludlow.
Readers should know that the guillotine and the Ludlow experience was part doing and part demonstration as they can be very dangerous to the learner. You both showed great mechanical aptitude. Letterpress printing is a wonderful occupation. You both started from the very
“beginning” and produce a rather neat looking 3 colour and blind/deep impression effect product. How about the surprise in the colour mixing? Keep in touch.
William Amer, Rockley NSW

Hi William,

Sorry to be off topic, can the 8x12 print wedding invitations or can it only print half the chase?- I read that somewhere? if it doesn’t what size machine should I look at purchasing to do wedding invitations etc of that size? 10 x 15, 12x18?

Thanks Bianca