Trucks for a C & P - 8 x 12

I’m in the process of restoring my new(old) C & P and have been working on finding rollers and trucks. I was asked by a roller company if the truck (I only have one) is covered with rubber, it is not, but it made we wonder if this the correct truck for my press. Should it be covered?

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There are three kinds of trucks that you might find: steel, plastic (Delrin) and Expansion (Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks—often called MERTs). Any of these would be the correct truck for your press as long as they are the right size and all the same kind. I’d recommend the Delrin trucks sold by NA Graphics—affordable, quiet, gentle on your press rails, and durable.

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My favorite trucks are the morgan because you can adjust them when your rollers expand or shrink, i think na graphics sells them. Dick G. Where are you located, maybe someone nearby could look at your cutter, also there are places around the country that sell parts for your c&p, someone might know of one near you, or you could look in the yellow pages on this site.

I got my rollers recovered by Ramco Roller Products and works great. He got my rollers recovered and sent back in about 4 days. Also much cheaper than buying a new set of rollers & cores. Contact Adrian and he should be able to help answer your questions by sending him pictures of the rollers/trucks.

His contact is below, Thanks!



[email protected]

Ramco Roller Products
241 W Allen Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773

Work 909-592-1002
Cell 626-991-9022

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions.
I may go with the Delrin this first time around as everything is starting to add up quickly.

I second the suggestion to use Ramco. I have had several great experiences with them.