Stratford 24pt?

Greetings All,

I have this type labeled Stratford 24. It looks darn close to a Garamond. At any rate, I was hoping to locate more and wondered if anyone has ever heard of this one or has info on it. Thanks!

image: stratford.jpg


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This looked very familiar (from my younger days of course).
Hansens Type Foundry cast this.
PS. Mind your “p’s and q’s” or your “b’s and d’s.”

Stanislaus, thank you for this. And how embarrassing on the “p’s” and “q’s” and “b’s” and “d’s”. This was the second set of pied type I sorted out yesterday—I’m thinking I may have been getting a bit lazy! Now comes the hunt too see if I can find a couple more sizes.

If this face looks familiar it is because it is very similar to Bookman Oldstyle. Bookman Oldstyle is based on Old Style Antique which was cast by several foundries and the H.C. Hansen Foundry in Boston cast their own version of Old Style Antique and named it Stratford Old Style. Hansen’s version has swash characters that differed from the others.

The Hansen foundry was one of the few that held out and did not get incorporated into ATF.They finally succumbed and ceased operations around 1922.


Foolproof and Stanislaus, would you say Bookman Antique and Old Style Antique are close enough to this Stratford that if I were to use them on the same page (not mixed of course) it would still be aesthetically pleasing?

The answer is YES. If you are looking to acquire more type to use with your Stratford, then Bookman Oldstyle is what you want. It is much more common and can probably still be bought from the folks with Monotype or Thompson casters. Old Style Antique probably hasn’t been offered by anyone in probably close to a century!!!!!