Storing wood type

Hi there,

I’ve got a load of wood type stored in large cardboard boxes. Not practical at all. Does anyone have suggestions on good ways to accessibly store them…..I do hold a load of empty California jobbing cases but it feels a bit criminal to adapt these…but perhaps this is best way. In which case; would cutting out all the compartments diminish the strength of the case?


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I use cigar boxes… you can usually get them for free from a cigar shop

I don’t have a lot of wood type, i store full fonts in cases with the insides knocked out, for odd pieces and not full fonts i store these on galleys. Dick G.

I keep many fonts in Hamilton wood-type cases, that were made to hold wood type. Most of the old poster printers stored the larger type on edge, so that the air circulated on both top and bottom, preventing warpage. This is impractical for me, so I store many fonts in 8.5 x 11 in. cardboard boxes, as T J Lyons did. See some of his boxed fonts, here:
I have other fonts stored in old heavy-duty Kodak film boxes
and I have seen fonts stored in old pizza boxes. Any way that is practical for your use & storage should be OK.
Dave Greer