Letterpress shop

I have a large hobby shop to sell. There is a shovel handle Golding 9x12, a Baltimore 4x6,I think there is another small press, a Howard hot press and 2 Kingsley hot presses (with several Kingsley cases 18). There are 300 or more cases of type, most in standard trays, several in home made 12x12 trays. There are wood fonts, initial fonts, decorations, leads, spaces, furniture, galleys, quoins, keys, a Milwaukee type saw, lead cutters, pins, you name it. There is also a 10’ Hamilton oak cabinet with slanted worktop (has all the trays and galleys), metal and wood racks for the other trays, lots of cuts and photo cuts.
I would like to sell it all at once. I am asking $9500.00 for everything. (It is probably worth close to that in melt.) BYOT (bring your own truck)
It is located in Fort Smith, AR
All of the press rollers will need to be replaced as this shop has not been used for over 15 years. The person that used this did short runs, invitations, napkins etc. for several local printers, so this is good stuff.
Email or call Don.

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