KCCI&PA Printing office mobile unit

It’s a No.9 something or other mounted on an early 40’s Schwinn Cycletruck. I trued up the badly-pitted ink disc with type metal & cast the roller from Gummi Bears.
Here it is shown at the Kansas City XRoads District First Friday event, Bicycle Collective booth.
Jenna Stanton, our KC Center for the Ink & Paper Arts Artist-in-Residence pedaled it to the XRoads from the KCCI&PA studio. At 95 lbs (the bike w/press that is) it gets about 20 miles to a bowl of oatmeal.

image: kccipabike1a.jpg


image: kccipabike2a.jpg


image: kccipabike4a.jpg


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Combining two of my favorite things… awesome!

Milkand toast, two of your favorite things, women and bicycles?

Dick G- No no, try bicycles and printing, duh!