Advice on replacing saddle for 10X15 NS C&P

Hello Everyone,

I need some advice on sourcing a double saddle for the left side of my 10X15 NS C&P.

Andrew Churchman has found a double saddle that I think will work, but it has the lift pin, for the right side of the press. Also, I’m feeling unsure about the size comparison of the saddle I have and the saddle he has. Would you all mind comparing the images from my press and from the saddle he’s found and advising me? Can I use a saddle for the right on the left?

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge here. It has been invaluable!


image: blurry photo of the saddle I have

blurry photo of the saddle I have

image: photo of the saddle Andrew has for me

photo of the saddle Andrew has for me

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If Andrew Churchman thinks it would work then it should, he knows a lot about this stuff, i don’t it would matter if it was right or left, just have the lift pin on the outside, try it without the spring rolling the press by hand and make sure the pin clears the arms on that side of the press. Good Luck Dick G.

It is important that the saddle on the right and left match. Pay special attantion to the width of the slot for the roller core and the spacing between the two slots.


Thank you Dick! Thank you Robert! I’m buying the saddle. Check back. I may have questions about installing it!