Iron Hand Press (Alexandra or Albion)

Hello all, I have recently purchased a large iron hand press (1887 Alexandra Press - W Notting of London) and am wanting to make contact with other hand press owners (possibly in Australia) to discuss ideas, problems and idiosyncrasies specific to this type of press. I am eventually wanting to do book work using the press and have Rummonds classic text, but practioner advice would be invaluable to me. Looking forward to hearing back. Derek

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Hello Derek,

Check out It is now 4 years out of date and slated for deletion on May 1. I’ve printed to PDF all the pages on the site, and suggest the same so that you have them afterwards. Of particular importance on this site is the erratum for the Rummonds volumes which you should print and tuck into your copy.

A new website is in the offing on this,

You might also want to check in with as Bob Oldham keeps an informal inventory of presses and their owners as well as the occasional for-sale item.

There is also a book by Lewis Allen who was considered one of the great handpress printers. Copies are available through used book dealers.

When checking in on the various sites, look for people from Australia and see if you can attempt contact.


(who is going through the same thing right now…)

Not to worry - has all the Files from GR and a Page is in works just for his book on Printing and such. Keep in mind, I’m a printer and serve my clients first, this happens after hours.

Thanks Alan

I had a look at Bob’s site and will see if I can find the book by Allen that you recommend. I am hoping to find some Australian handpress printers.

I will post a picture of my press shortly, but I did find another at It is a smaller version of my press and is branded an Improved Albion, while mine is an Alexandra.