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Just joined Briar Press today, should have done this over a year ago. Very helpful site!

I’m looking to buy EMPIRE metal type 72 point or larger, new or used, or a similar looking Art Deco face (sample attached). Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you
Daryl Benson

image: Empire Sample.jpg

Empire Sample.jpg

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That’s a tall order, Daryl. :-)

You could search eBay. It’s unlikely that anything like that would turn up any time soon, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I managed to glom onto some 72-point Huxley Vertical that way. Huxley turns up more frequently than Empire, and it was cast up to 120 points. Like Empire, it has no lowercase.

This is one of those times when digital type might be the best — and certainly the most expedient — solution. There are thousands of faces to search through, and you can get any size you want. (But keep in mind that the digital type might not undergo the subtle design changes at the various sizes that was always a consideration with metal type).

The only problem with having a metal or photopolymer plate made would be the cost. If you’re making a large poster covered with 72-point type, it could set you back big-time, especially since you’d need a base to match. But if you just want to set a few words in the large type, it wouldn’t be too bad. Plates are priced by the square inch.


image: Huxley Vertical from My Fonts.jpg

Huxley Vertical from My Fonts.jpg

We’ve started making wood type. Not sure how well it would work at 6 line but if you wanted it larger that could be arranged.

And it would be new.

Drop me an email.