Paper Cutter Disassembly - Challenge 305

I’m thinking about buying a Challenge 305 that’s behind a 36” doorway. I was wondering if anyone has experience busting one of these down so it can fit out of a space that small.

I’m having trouble finding a diagram of the bolt locations online, and I’d really appreciate one.

Not sure what year it is. It’s pretty new, though. Not one of the old yellow ones. Just like this, but with the manual back-gauge:

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You would be better served widening the door than disassembling the cutter. I move these and you cannot remove the bed without knowing what you are doing. Otherwise the computer will never be right again. Remove the side tables and widen the door. Seriously!

Well, too late! Luckily this is the fully manual version. The only computerized thing is the digital read-out of the backgauge position.

Getting it apart and palletized was extremely interesting. The bed is quite heavy and I was unprepared for the weight. We unbolted it and slid it down onto a hand truck using a board, but it was extremely dangerous

I had to take off the bed, the side tables, the hydraulic power unit, and I had to disconnect the arms to the paper clamp and tie it up to get the bed out. The bed had six screws, two set screws, and two pins that held it in place.

Assuming I can get it back together, the only difficulty now is the three-phase power issue. I only have single phase power. Can you hook a unit like this up using a static phase converter?