Restoring windmill platen

I have been running many of heidelburg press over the last 20 year mainly process multi colour press.I just purchased a windmill platen to start a restoration project, and would like to know what year model it is if any one knows as i am new to this end of the printing game.The machine also does not have many of rollers, only the form rollers and steels,so any ideas wear i can get new ones and recover the form rollers in australia (brisbane).

image: imagehandler.JPG


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There is a serial number, front right side, on the small lip before the channel there the screws slide in.Post it and somebody can pin point the year, Better closeup pictures help, several Folks here have successfully restored these presses to full glory. You just have some rust issues, mine looked worse than I got it.

all h/platen rollers are interchangable,there are a few places in Brissie, check the yellow pages. the term windmill is an americanism in oz they are called by their proper name so that the printing suppliers know what you are asking about

Thanksn for the help guys

I now have located the serial number and it is 34249 E.If this is an help could anybody tell me what year model my platen is, thanks.
Looks like pre 50’s

See if there is an oil pump on the back or if it has a gravity reservoir. Gravity machines are Superspeed models.