Letterpress Type

Letter Press Type, Border and Wingdings FOR SALE!
I do have type, wingdings, ink, etc available. E-mail for a listing - I am working on with pictures and prices. Thanks.
Copperplate Bold 6pt c/n/p; Centenary 8pt c/l/n/p; Centenary Italic 8pt c/l/n/p; Sans Serif Med. 8pt, 10pt c/n/p; Sans Serif Med. 12pt c/n/p; Beacon Hill 14pt, 18pt c/l/n/p; Egyptian Bold 12pt c/l/n/p; Copperplate Gothic #1, #2, #3 12pt c/n/p; 20th Century Med 10pt, 12pt, 14pt c/l/n/p; Modern Bodoni 14pt c/l/n/p; Stymie Medium 12pt, 14pt, 18pt c/l/n/p; Swing Bold 18pt c/l/n/p; Goudy Modern Handtooled(?) 18pt c/l/n/p; Bernhard Gothic Bold(?) 24pt(?) c/l/n/p; Park Lane Initials #20 36pt; Ornaments/Decorators Font Y and W; Leaders 6pt; Border 70B 30” 6pt; Border 18B 30” 6pt; Border 5B 30” 6pt; Checking Squares/Border 6pt, 8pt, 10pt all 30” each; Spaces & Quads 6pt (1), 8pt (2), 10pt (2), 12pt (2), 14pt (2), 18pt (2), 24pt (1), 36pt (1); Wood Furniture/Reglet #35-F (2) and #58-F (1) and 1 Six Wheel Numbering Machine forward action.
All type still in trays - either 12x12 wood or 12x18 plastic except the Bernard Gothic(?) in a 3/4 Job Case. All listed are in used condition. Most all of it was purchased through the Kelsey Company. Beacon Hill’s are two large fonts total each, the rest of the Type are Kelsey’s smaller (1/2?) fonts.
The Sans Serif Med type was used the most and shows it. The rest of the type has been used but still in very good to excellent condition. Shipping from Whitefield NH 03598. Buyer pays shipping. Please e-mail if you are interested.

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