classifieds RSS - potential suggestion

First off a thank you for all the great work on Briar Press. I use an RSS feed to view the classified ads and frequently click through to an interesting item to find it located in another state/country.

Was wondering if you would consider either of the following:

- not truncating the posts so they can be read in their entirety via RSS, or
- tweaking the post title so that the location shows up along with the item listed (i.e. “Heidelberg Windmill Black Ball - For sale or trade in Wayne PA”)

Of course I’m curious to hear if others using RSS would find either of these options helpful.

Thanks again!

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I suspect I would still view all the classified postings even if they weren’t near my location. It’s fun and informative to see what is out there.

i agree. i always click on them to see the location

emthree - agreed. definitely informative to know what’s out there. my preference of the two suggestions above would be the first option, to not truncate the posts so they display in full in the rss reader.