Baltimorean No. 4

I recently acquired a Baltimorean No 4 press.
It has a wooden box with a sliding top and a sliding tray of type.
2 small containers of gold/metallic additive and a container of ink. There is a small set of tweezers, a roller, and a few other parts, including several sheets of it’s original paper.

I don’t know anything about letterpress printing. And even less about this amazing little press… But the wooden box has a great advertisement saying “EDUCATE YOUR BOYS” via giving them a printing press. And it has me quite fascinated. I’m considering attending The Arm’s classes in Brooklyn since I live in NY.

I also understand (thanks to this site) that the press is ca. 1884 or 1885?

Does anyone have pictures of the complete Baltimorean no 4? I’d love to reproduce any instructions or other items I can and possibly donate this to a museum, If appropriate… or if these are common and not that interesting, it’s a great conversation piece to keep at my home design studio for sure.

If anyone thinks it’s appropriate, I will upload images.

Thanks in advance for any info!

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As an alumnus of The Arm’s intro class, I highly recommend it! Great introduction at your own pace - enough to whet your appetite to keep going.

The #4 is one of the more common “rail presses” made for young printers of that era. I have copies of an 1889 Baltimorean catalog and would send you a copy if you send me your mail address.


Yes, the press itself is relatively common, but to have the whole kit: type, tins, brayer, etc. AND the original box with a readable label takes this way beyond a common object. It would probably make a very nice addition to a museum.