10x15 windmill oil capacity?

Hi all,

What is the ‘from empty’ oil capacity for a 10x15 windmill? If it makes a difference, this is a 1953 black ball.

I was about to go get some oil for my soon to be refurbished press when I realized I didn’t know how much I’d actually need. Additionally, what sort of ‘flow through’ should I expect over time? In other words, if I use the press infrequently (e.g. once per week for an hour or two), how much should I expect to need to top up as time progresses?


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Not sure of the total capacity, but it takes about a quart to get from the yellow line to full. So I’d guesstimate at least twice that in total. The bolt to the left of the filler is the drain plug, so you can see where the bottom of the reservoir is.

At the rate of use you describe, I think you should get a few months’ worth of printing done before the oil gets down to the yellow line. I think I get around two weeks with daily oiling, though I’ve never actually paid attention, just load it up from the 5-gallon pail.

Thanks; that helps a lot!