Sigwalt Chicago No. 11 3x5

I recently purchased a Sigwalt No. 11. I am a newbie to letter pressing, so I did not want to buy anything enormous. I paid under $200 for it. It has all of it’s parts. However, the rollers need to be resurfaced. If i have the core and trucks, is there someone that i can send them to be resurfaced or is it cheaper to just buy new rollers? Was this a good buy? I know that people usually prefer to purchase the 5x8 or larger models. It needs to be cleaned up a bit but otherwise it seems totally operational. Lastly, does anyone know whether or not the No. 11 can be used for impression prints? I know that the print area is small. I am just wondering if anyone can shed some light on it’s uses and limitations.

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I don’t think you’ll find much luck when it comes to deep impression printing on such a press. You might be able to do a VERY small area of debossed printing, but you’ll be risking the castings of the press. These presses were intended for hobbyist use for printing business cards, calling cards, tags, etc.

As far as rollers go you could send your cores and trucks to Ramco Roller in California and they’ll be able to recover the cores and match the roller diameter to the trucks. I wouldn’t be all that surprised, however, if it is simply cheaper to buy a new set of rollers (with trucks). I have seen these sets here and on eBay.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. That is very helpful.

I sell rollers on Here and E-bay for the No.11 all new with trucks Spun Rubber 118.00 or Comosition 99.00 for a set of 2. free shipping on here. They are fun presses to learn with. Tod

Thanks. I may be in touch if I cannot salvage the existing trucks and rollers.