Heidelberg Windmill 10X15 and a Challenge Model 20 Cutter

A dear friend and old printer has passed, and I am helping the family to sell off his prized Heidelberg windmill press, and his Challenge Model 20 Paper Cutter.

The Heidelberg is a 10X15 with two chases, two good rollers, I believe an extra set of roller trucks, and all of the necessary parts. The late Tom Trumble used it right up to his passing this year, and I just ran it briefly here at the beginning of July to see that it still goes through its cycle normally. Tom had purchased it from his former employer, as it was the press he was trained on when it was purchased new back in the 1950s. Tom knew everything about its maintenance, and took good care of it.

The press is about 42 inches deep and 62 inches wide, and we estimate it weighs 3400 pounds. It’s on the ground floor, and was brought in in one piece through a doorway widened for that purpose.

The family is asking $2700, or best offer, for the press.

The Challenge Model 20 Paper Cutter is a hydraulic cutter that cuts paper up to 20 inches wide. It has an automatic clamp, and the blade comes down smoothly. The backgauge moves smoothly. The only problem with the cutter is that it no longer has a digital display for the backgauge. This does not affect the operation of the cutter, but limits its accuracy somewhat. I am trying to find out if a replacement display can be purchased.

The family is asking $900 or best offer for the cutter.

We can offer some physical assistance in moving and loading these items, but be prepared.

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