good small proof presses

Trying to sort out the information on small proof presses out there. I like the idea that the bed size is bigger, but am aware of the issues of hand inking and limitations on registration. I keep coming across names like Poco, Nolan, Morgan, etc. What are people’s general impressions of these for letterpress? What are considered “good” presses?

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A proof press has no abiltity to register but you could do it the old way with pins sticking up to hold the paper during the pull. I do not have any first hand knowledge of any of the names you list. A Vandercook is the best.

First you must have an idea of what you want to print, hand inking takes time, there are so many different kinds of presses out there and each is better for a specific job. If you are near a museum i would say take a trip and see all the different things out there and pick the old guys brains that you will find hanging around, good luck Dick G.

Everything (almost) you wanted to know about a sign press. These are available in many sizes. I own one about 15x23 inches There are self-inking models available! Good luck.