Need info on my paper cutter (Challenge)

I just got this cutter…

Challenge Paper Cutter
Serial No: 19510
Size: 193
Model: HL

Just looking for any possible info out there. The year it was made, the weight, and original user guide/instructions, diagrams, marketing materials, etc.

Anyone know anything?

image: IMG_3270.JPG


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Nothin’? Is there some website I should know about that has this kind of info?

You could probably try contacting Challenge directly for the year of manufacture. I don’t know of a serial number list for these machines. These cutters were incredibly common but I’ve never seen an operators manual or any diagrams.


All they could tell me is that it’s from 1977. Other than that I just get “it’s an unsupported machine”. Oh well, was worth a shot.

Yeah, they don’t support these older cutters for safety reasons. But at least you got the manufacture date. I’d say the thing probably weighs in the 300lb range, but I could be off by a little or a lot—I’ve never had one of these.


Had a cutter in the early-60’s that looked like this one, but it was made by another maker.
It is not a cutter you should have use it, if they are not super careful. I almost lost my hand one night, the handle will come down if not locked in place right.

As I went to get the paper out of the cutter the handle came down and the blade came with it, but, I was able to move away before it cut my hand.

I would remove the blade and make it a pad holder, to hold paper in place for putting glue on the paper for pads.

Mine has a safety (the red thing toward the left hand side). The handle/blade can’t come down unless that safety is pushed in as you begin to lower the handle. When the handle comes back up, the safety is automatically locked in place again.

I used these cutters for years, always make sure your clamp doesn’t come up higher than the blade, the blade should never be exposed. Dick G.