Professional Movers

Does anyone know of a good professional rigger in Northern California? Someone that has experience with windmills and ludlows. Thanks

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Hicks Bros. in Fremont (formerly in S.F.), I think they’re here in the Briar Press Yellow Pages. Tons of experience (literally!) in moving both modern and vintage printing equipment.

Another vote for Hicks Brothers. They move windmills all the time. In fact Walter is moving our Speedmaster on Thursday. We bought a cutter once and let the seller hire the riggers, long story short - cutter ended up face down and all the controls destroyed. Went back to the seller. They are very busy right now but worth the wait. Good luck!

I talked with them but I am too far away. I am located about halfway between Sacramento and Truckee.

I found a rigger in Sacramento but doesn’t seem to be very reliable. (doesn’t get back to me) Does anyone have any ideas? I’m only moving 20 miles down the hill and I’d like to do it in 2 to 3 weeks from now. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks