After market foil rewind

Does anyone know who makes this foil rewind system?

image: kluge_foil_C&P1.JPG


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Hey kluge girl, nothing showed up. Dick G.

Rats….I’m working on making the picture smaller.

Isn’t it the ampersand in the file name that’s preventing it from showing up?

pics attached.

image: kluge14.jpg


image: kluge1.jpg


Help help!!! I need to get get this up and running on my kluge. Somebody knows what this is and who made it.

Thanks casmit for making my pictures smaller.
Can anyone give me information on this after market foil rewind system?

Please look at these pictures, thanks

Girl with Kluge, not familiar with that one, i think there was someone either in Texas or Florida that made after market foiling units, i can’t find any info on this but will keep looking thru my junk. Dick G.

Sure looks like the units made by Speciality Printing in Colorado Springs, CO The owners name was Bill Triplett but he has since moved to New Mexico. I Have one like it on a 10x15 D Kluge. It works pretty well, foil pull is controlled by the Omeron Timer. What do you want to know??? just hook it up and run it!!!. All the electrical parts are standard items out of the Granger Whse. The puller itself was made by Bill, and all the units I’ve seen were just a little different from each other. What are you using for a hot plate? Carl

Thank you Carl