can any one tell me what the settings are for the samsung CLP 310series i am trying to print onto transparacy thin paper but instead of getting the required pure black i need i seem to be getting more of a charcoal black,i have done this before and it turned out fine but i can’t seem to remember the settings.(Laser Printer)

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Well there’s printing and then there’s printing. We’re the other printing.

ye i know but to make my own plates, i have to print the images - text, first.

I think you guys are smoking some funny stuff! Don’t let your mom catch you with it!

seriously i am trying to make my own plates with polymer and need to print of the images first and expose them with a negetive

Could be that you are using CMYK and 100% K and zero everything else isn’t going to give you a nice rich black but rather a ‘charcoal black’. Check your values in the software before you send it to the printer to at least be able to rule that issue out of the equation.