Melbourne To Sydney Transit Help

Hi Guys,

I’m in the process of purchasing a Heidelberg T-Platen, from a printer in Melbourne. Being based in Sydney I will need to get this machine transported to my workshop.

I just would like to know if anyone can recommend any transit companies in Australia that specialises in transporting machines like the Heidelberg T-Platen.

Any advise would be gratefully appreciated.


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Hi Ton,

How did you go with the Heidelberg? We recently got one from Brisbane and after a few issues with courier companies not securing type cabinets and other things in transit we didn’t trust anyone with our heidelberg so hired a kennards double axle trailer, a block and tackle winch, and chased down some thick rebar and some car jacks and some steel pipe. After most of a day we had the press out from under a queenslander and onto the trailer heading back down to Sydney. Of course it wasn’t as straightforward and simple as it sounds but a rewarding and educational experience. Happy to give you a fleshed out version of the details if your keen to give it a go.