Paper, Ink, Accessories - top/middle brands and links

Hopefully soon I would get soon my letterpress on board. Now it’s time for ink and other stuff. So if anyone could help me with premium brands in:
- ink for letterpress - names (neutral smell would be an asset) /CMYK and PANTONE in 1 or 2 kg packs)
- papers (100% cotton and handmade)
- hand rollers and palette knifes etc

Becasue I am new in this business I’m looking for suppliers in Europe - PREFERABLY in Poland I am from Poland and could buy the stuff in Poland - so any internet links would be great.

Waiting for your reply

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Michael, you can get in touch with Drucken und Lernen, over the border in Germany in Raunheim (close to Frankfurt am Main), they sell everything that you’re looking for at a decent price and send all over Europe. Their eco range of inks and cleaning liquids is very good. They have fantastic brayers (handrollers) as well.