Iam helping a friend figure out the history and such of a treasure we found in his shop. It was his fathers. im sending a pic I found that is the exact of the model we are researching

image: 4195295465_9d1c011ac1_s.jpg


image: 4195296509_f43d2a0597_s.jpg


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Cannot tell, image is too small and become pixlelated when enlarged.

Its a Showcard sign press manufactured in Chicago, but you probably already know that from the label in the side. Need a picture thaqt encompasses the whole press. Just from what you are showing I would guess that it is from the 50’s or 60’s. What is the size (dimensions) of the bed?


Hi and Rick and thanks for you response. We are in the process of cleaning up all the parts and still gathering peices. But I will get the pics up soon. Im hoping that we can get a good Idea of what exactly he has here:) I have became very intrested in the history or this press I just cant stop. thanks again;

I own a Showcard press very similar to the one you have. There are a few things I know about it:

1. The Showcard company was known to have hired Vandercook to build these sign presses.

2. These presses came a variety of sizes. Some of the smaller ones were sold with no base, while the larger ones commonly came with a base and foot operated gripper.

3. They were marketed to department stores for making in-house sale signs.

4. They were often sold with a variety of type and decorative rule to design the signs with.

5. The presses are known for having a unique way of locking up type. There were vertical and horizontal rods the ran the length of the bed where type could run along. Unlike other letterpress type, the Showcard type had a channel cut out of the bottom where they could slide on for alignment.

My press came with all the type and rods to align type on the bed. It’s actually pretty neat! You can make nice looking posters very quickly. You can also lock up normal, type high, type on the bed as well if you’d like.

My press also came with a large stand, the foot operated gripper, and two areas to prepare you ink with your brayer for inking.

I’m not sure of the worth of these presses, but I think they are very neat. Great find!