Printing rollers gone cracky after 1 year

Hi nice letterpress people,

I have BIG problem with Heidelberg rollers. I bought 2 rollers 1 year ago. I had cleaned them with cleaners recommended by Heidelberg for every day cleaning- Ronabal E (odorless kerosine based cleaner) and DynaClean (something similar to Citric Wash). After 1 year those 2 printing rollers become cracky meanwhile original distribution roller is ok.
I have attached an image to view cracks on roller surface (bigger picture you can see here So maybe somebody had such problem and knows how to solve it to avoid such damages of rollers in future?

Thanks in advance
All the best

image: Printing_rollers_problem.jpg


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What kind of cleaner do you use on your rollers for wash up?


Also pertinent is how many washups in a day—1? 10? Washups are the hardest test a roller has to endure. I’ve known offset rollers needing replacement in a year, but that’s a lot of hard running.

Sounds like the press wash is suspect, and Heidelberg’s recommendation too.

Printing rollers I clean 2-4 times a day. And use 2 different cleaners everytime - Ronabal E and DynaClean.

Where did you get the rollers? Do you know what they are made of? Do you know what the original distribution roller is made of?