Proper densitometer

Dear collegues,

I have bought recently an Agfa Accuset filmmaker with a film processor (for UV photopolymer for letterpress), and I would like to adjust the whole thing, calibrate it.

My question is: Is a X-Rite 895 densitometer proper for this porpoise? I have the possibility of buying a second hand one.

I think that it has 4.0D maximum sensitivity, and it is suitable for doing measurements from generic film patches strips.

Could you help me? I would really appreciate your help!


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Sorry, here you have a link to read something about it…



That one appears to be for color film calibration. you want one that is or rapid access film. The Xrite 361T is the standard.

Sorry if this is a bit late and I hope it helps.

Thank you Lammy.

I bought a Ihara T500. It is really good, and good price (second hand).

So what density are getting on your film and how far was it off?

PS. I really miss the old days of prepress with film and stripping.