C&P 12x18 replacing saddles safely

I need to replace the saddles on my C&P 12x18 Craftsman.

I’m wondering how to remove them safely. What should I watch for with the springs?

Thank you.
- Sam

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Hello Sandwich Letterpress/ How to remove the springs from your press
1.) Put on safety glasses

2.) Keep small children away

3.) Use a needle nose pliers to pull out the cotter key.

Safety glasses it is. Thanks Girl with a Kluge.

If you go to the LETPRESS list archives


and search the archives for:

New Style Roller Saddles

you will find a thread from 2008 on this subject. In particular, it contains a posting from Glenn House dated March 27, 2008 which gives a detailed account of what appears to be a well-considered procedure (and apparatus) for removing and replacing these springs while avoiding the risks associated with them flying across the shop.

Fortunately (for me) I haven’t had to try this yet so I can’t say anything about the effectiveness of his procedure, but it looks like a good starting place. Mike Day also had some good comments on that thread, and Greg Fischer (the Linofish) recommended a full face shield. Greg’s been a machinist long enough that I respect his views on safety considerably.

David M.

Glenn’s advice is good, but please be very careful. Especially when dealing with the springs on a Craftsman as they are, in my experience, under much greater tension than the springs of Old Style and New Series Chandler and Price platens.