New 10X15 Craftsman Press

So I just purchased a new 10X15 C&P Craftsman Press!! It has a U shaped axle and also came with a 220 motor. I do not have a 220 outlet in my garage so I am going to be running this beast by foot treadle!! ( I know people have said it is going to get old fast but its fine, I like the exercise!!)

Any who, my question is… Can a treadle made for a C&P New Style press work on my Craftsman Press? I want to order a new one from Hern Iron Works and wasn’t sure if I can order the 10x15 New Style one (because they don’t list the Craftsman Press as an option) Also, it didn’t come with the feed tray/auto feed stuff and is missing a couple little parts that lock in the two extra rollers that sit on top of the four large rollers, and a bar/wire that hooks from the ink fountain to the press to make the big steal wheel in the ink fountain turn. I know I can make some make shift pieces that will work for now, but I would eventually like to find the proper parts for this press.

So if anyone knows where I could find some parts or has any extra parts they would like to sell, please let me know (as well as if the New Style treadle will work)!!

Thank you!

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Do you have a photo of the press? There were several 10x15 Craftsman models and there’s a good chance that the crankshaft you have was actually designed to provide the vacuum for the press. I believe Justin Miller of Bound Staff Press fashioned a treadle for his 10x15 Craftsman—perhaps he’ll be willing to share the details (which I think are on his site but I can’t seem to locate them).


Here are some photo’s I took from before the move but I’m not sure if it gives you an idea of what press it is. I know it is from 1952.

Thank you!!

image: 262537_582267365073_70202498_32698854_4343694_n.jpg


image: 300567_582267434933_70202498_32698856_7655948_n.jpg


You can add a treadle, but not a Hern version. You’ll need to fabricate your own. The opening in the front of the base of your press just doesn’t come up high enough to allow for a standard treadle.

I also have a 10x15 Craftsman that I added a treadle to. You can see pictures of it here.

As to the feed table, you can manufacture one of those as well. The mounting shaft is just round stock that has been ground flat on one side. This was originally cast, but could be made from cold rolled steel welded to a plate on top. Since you are making it yourself, you can make the wooden table what ever size or shape you want.

Hi Boundstaffpress,

I was actually looking at you flicker photos earlier!! One of the previous posts mentions you and I found your blog and your press from there. I was wondering where the bar on the back of your treadle hooks to? There is a hole on each side of the base of my press that I could put a bar through, but there is also a bar at the very back of my press (underneath) that I have my make shift one hooked up to now. Would it be possible for you to send me dimensions/instructions for making your treadle? That is what has been killing me with making one is the exact dimensions.

Also, my press is simply on skids… Do you recommend jacking it up and placing it higher off the ground like I saw yours was?

Thank you very much!

I am 6ft. and my press is just an inch or two too high to feed comfortably. If I were you, I would just use two skids. Mine is jacked up the way it is so that it could be easily loaded with a fork lift from the side. Those days are over, so it will likely make it back onto a set of 4x4s eventually.
I am using the set of holes and the shaft that originally held the vacuum pump. This is not the large shaft on which the base pivots. The large base-pivot shaft seemed too difficult to access.
The wood on my treadle measures 20 inches. I know that is very short. The fence hinge pivots at approx. 11.5 inches from the back of wood, where it attaches to the pipe. I have the original brass casting that attached the vacuum pump to the main shaft. This could easily be replaced with a hook, or some use a rope.
I tried to use common items to make my treadle. It is not overbuilt by any means.
Because of the tight spaces under the Craftsman series, you have to be very careful not to smash you toes between the treadle and the large lower casting of the press. My treadle could be longer, but it would likely hit the floor.

Make a plan, and be prepared to modify it. Get started and post your results. Good luck.

Thank you very much!! I will update you as soon as I get this done!