Golding Pearl No.3 (7 x 11)

Due to a forthcoming move, I have to give up my access to a very beloved Heidelberg in order to downsize. As a result I’m looking for an old-style treadle press that will fit in my new 3rd story workshop, while pumping out a decent quantity of prints (without blowing out my arm on a table-top press). I have several print jobs pending, so am hoping to find a press as soon as possible (so in other words, I’m a motivated buyer!).

Please let me know if you have a Golding Pearl No. 3 that needs a good home. I’m willing to put in a little restoration work, if the press isn’t in tragic condition.

I can pick up pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area, but unfortunately, can’t afford to have a press freighted from out-of-state.

Thank you kindly!

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image: Restored Pearl OS 3.jpg

Restored Pearl OS 3.jpg